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D & J - Wedding Part One

There's nothing like a 3-day wedding. After the first meeting with the bride and groom my creative juices were flowing. I felt we were on the same page from day one and this wedding would be nothing less than perfection. D & J had a lot of food knowledge which is always a bonus, they knew what they wanted and we had no choice but to deliver. "No pressure" was the understatement of the year and I'm sure the ladies at Dreamgroup Productions would agree.

D & J's wedding starting on the Friday night with the rehearsal dinner at private residence. The theme? a good ol' fashioned Southern BBQ. The menus took months to write and tweak but turned out to be nothing short of a masterpiece. I arrived on site to see boxes of peaches everywhere. This was when I knew this weekend was going to be good; we were just getting started...

View the Full Rehearsal Menu Here: Southern BBQ Menu

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