I'm Nina. A crazy passionate photographer mommy of two adorable little girls and one fluffy puppy. I absolutely love what I do, probably a little too much. I get to meet all kinds of wonderful, passionate, artist's that create beautiful, incredible things.  All kinds of madly in love couples that are celebrating the best days of their lives.  It's pretty much the best job ever. 

I love adventurous souls, the ones who aren't afraid to kick off their shoes and let it all go. The crazy couples who want to stand in the ocean or hike to that perfect view for their engagement sessions. The brides and grooms who want to sneak away to steal a moment of time, just the two of them in that golden hour sunset. I love connection. That real, raw, I love you, I can't live without you fire in your soul connection. My number one goal is to capture that. 



Back in 2006 I lived in Osaka, Japan. While there, I met a man named Carlos in a basement bar, and he introduced me to the world of professional photography. While In Japan I also got my nose pierced at, you guessed it, a basement bar. 

My husband and I met back in 2001 when we were both on the rowing team at UC Berkeley.
Though we have matured in a lot of ways since our college days, we still find farts funny.  

My daughter was born in 2013 and is the funniest person I know. 

I love to travel and have been all over the world. And I have lived in four countries; America, Guatemala, Japan and now Canada. 

I have been shooting weddings since 2008 and never tire of seeing two people commit to a life together. Most of my clients see their wedding as a chance to gather their community of friends and family together to celebrate their life together. And have a great party! Photography is important to them (you!), both to get some rad photos of you and your brand new spouse, but also to have your day documented. Almost all my clients tell me they love candids, which is great, cause so do I!!!!




I'm glad you’re here checking out my work. Here are a few fun facts about me.
I'm addicted to tacos, foggy days, and my two cats.
I’m based on Vancouver Island, Canada.
Road trips are life’s medicine.
With the highway stretched out in front of me,
and a great playlist on the stereo, I’m in my happy place!

I have a ba in psychology and bachelors of journalism.
I’ve worked in radio, TV news and print.
Story telling is my passion. Photography is my medium.

Let’s connect about how I can help tell your story.

Cally & Sean - Birds Eye Cove Wedding -


Ameris is Rob and Julia Campbell. We've been married for around a decade; we've had three kids & some great adventures. We believe that life is a story. It's painful and beautiful; elegant and awkward; random and poetic. Most importantly, in all its forms, life is full of meaning. It has to be. We believe that capturing this meaning is what we're here for. We photograph people because life matters, because we love finding the beauty and truth in the ordinary, and because we really, really enjoy it. That's how we approach making pictures. We work hard to find and capture honest moments, to encourage people to connect - all while having a ton of fun. We hope you will get a sense of this as you look at our images.


Hi! I’m Becca. I am inspired by love, travel, tattoos and nature.

I am from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I feel so blessed to live in a wonderful place like this and to have a profession that I am passionate about. I started taking photos when I was very young. I remember our first digital camera with its whopping 4 megapixels. I ran around my Nanny's garden on Pender island, snapping photos of roses and other flowers until the batteries ran flat. My passion changed over the years and landed on capturing people. Then all of a sudden I thought why not make this my career? This is when things started to accelerate. I challenged myself to learn and advance. I practiced shooting and editing until my eyes hurt. I made goals of getting published and shooting full time. Fast forward 5 years and my photos are being published in magazines all the time... images are going viral on the internet, winning awards! I placed 3rd for overall wedding photography for all of BC which was a huge accomplishment in my first year of full time shooting. I have gotten to shoot in France, Bali, Mexico, England had an art exhibition in Spain, Australia and more. beautiful local locations I am truly blessed and looking forward to where ever the next adventure will be!



I get goose bumps easily. A good song, kiss, story, a moving image. 
I am touched, moved and inspired by human connection and human ambition. 

I specialize in people who have never been photographed before.
My posing style is laid-back and fun with 110% direction.
The result are images in my signature cinematic and ethereal style.
This is my translation of your memories and my promise to you is that
you will stare at yourself in a new light.
I am honoured to be with you on your journey of self-expression.

There are rare times in my career where I raise my camera to my eye and panic slightly because I can’t possibly capture the essence of what I’m witnessing
and do it justice. This is when lighting and emotion come together to present
an exact moment in time and space that was meant to be immortalized. 




My long love of visually documenting humanity and their environs is applied to just about everything I do from personal to hired work. My approach remains discreet and candid, sometimes playful, and other times I gently guide the family groupings or direct the creatives (should you wish). People say they barely noticed me throughout the day. Perfect I think.


Having photographed over 250 weddings, I can honestly say each wedding is a unique story. This excites me and keeps me going! The magic of it all, the emotions, the surprises, details and unexpected are all on my radar. My aim is to create classic, timeless photographs for you to treasure for years and even generations to come.

My work has been exhibited alongside Annie Liebovitz, Agence STOCK Photo, Contact Press Image, Alberto Korda, and many others. My first book, Handmade Forest: The Treeplanters Experience, was a finalist in 1998 BC Book Prize.



I’m Megan Maundrell, the lead photographer and founder of the Megan Maundrell Photography + Videography team. Your moments are important and deserve to be told in an honest and out there way! No following Pinterest trends here- let’s go for timelessly YOU!


Most days you can find me working with my Oodie (the fluffier the better), dancing to either Indie Folk music or EDM… and everything in between. I am a chronic mismatched sock wearer and a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother, which means that your session will be legend-wait for it- dary!


Don’t worry, we’ve got your back… we promise to be team YOU! We’re not JUST a photo and video team. When you book with us, you’re booking a friend. 

If you’re willing to let loose and take things a little less seriously, I think we could get along! Reach out today, and let’s chat!