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We have Provided 20,820 ,Meals to date!


Toque Catering has partnered with Mealshare to provide one meal to someone in need for every person who attends your event. Mealshare is a non-profit working with The Breakfast Club of Canada, Save the Children, and conscientious diners like you to fight food insecurity.


Toque is a proud supporter, and we hope you will be too.


How it Works:


When you book any Buffet, Cocktail or Wedding, Toque will donate one meal for every person who attends your event! If you book a 100-person event, 100 meals will be provided to people in need. Imagine having your event not only being an amazing experience for your guests, but for also hundreds of others as well!


How Mealshare Shares Meals: 


To provide a meal, Mealshare donates to one of their charitable partners, enabling them to provide a complete meal to someone in need. Their charitable partners provide meals in local communities and around the world.


In Victoria, Mealshare is proud to be donating meals through The Breakfast Club of Canada. They also donate meals internationally, through Save the Children.


Most of Mealshare’s support will go to The Breakfast Club of Canada to provide meals for youth in our own community. Mealshare appreciates how The Breakfast Club of Canada doesn’t stop at giving meals, but uses the meals as a way to get involved in youth's lives and help them in other ways. You can find out more at:


Save the Children provides life-saving packages of Plumpy'Nut on Mealshare’s behalf. These packages are filled with calorie- and nutrient-dense paste fortified with vitamins and minerals. They're distributed in disaster situations and to children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. To learn more about Plumpy’Nut, watch this quick clip from a recent 60 Minutes report:


If you want to donate and help Mealshare grow their movement, and help make it easy for people to turn their dining out into helping out, Mealshare accepts donations online at:"


Mealshare Double Down:

Look throughout our website for Mealshare Double Down items, for every person who attends your event Toque will donate x2 meals to someone in need through Mealshare!!


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