Lunch Menu

Minimum 12 People/Portions on all ordered items

** Less than 12 people/portions an automatic 18% Service Charge will be Added **

**Please advise our staff of all allergies -

Please Note: we cannot accommodate Garlic or Onion Allergies**

Cold Lunch Entrées:


Specialty Sandwiches

(Minimum 12 Assorted Sandwiches)

All of Our Sandwiches are made on

Freshly-Baked Artisan Loaves


Butter Chicken Sandwich

Roasted Butter Chicken & Butter Chicken Mayonnaise



Turkey & Brie Sandwich

Turkey Breast, Brie Cheese, Roasted Pear & Cranberry



Korean Brined Roast Beef

Roast Beef, House Made Kimchi

Chili Mayo



Curried Egg Salad

Egg Salad, Curried Apricot Mayo



Pickled Golden Beet & Spiced Hummus

Golden Beet, Hummus, Oven Dried Tomato




Rosemary Ham & Smoked Cheddar

Rosemary Ham, Grainy Mustard Aioli, Smoked Cheddar



Wasabi Pea Crusted Albacore Tuna

Wasabi Pea Crusted Tuna Tataki, Pickled Daikon, Sriracha Aioli



Blackened Salmon Sandwich

Cajon Salmon, Avocado, Pickled Vegetable Slaw



Cubano Sandwich

Mojo Brined Pork Loin, Pickles, Swiss, Mojo Aioli


Spice Roasted Squash Sandwich

Balsamic Onion Aioli, Crumbled Feta




Assorted Sandwich Platter

A Selection of Assorted Sandwiches

from Our Specialty Sandwich Selection Served on Artisan Loaf Bread (please specify if you would prefer something different)



Assorted Tea Sandwich Platter

Includes: Egg Salad, Wasabi Tuna, Cucumber Cream Cheese, Roast Beef, Butter Chicken




(Minimum 12 People per Salad Type)


Chopped Broccoli Salad

Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Roasted Chickpeas, Macerated Figs

Shaved Cabbage, Maple Dijon Emulsion


(Vegetarian/Vegan/Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Artisan Green Salad

Mandarin Orange, Castleveltro Olives

Marinated Fennel Bulb, Shaved Radish, Tangy Plum Vinaigrette 


(Vegetarian/Vegan/Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Shaved Brussels Sprout Panzenella Salad

Toasted Artisan Bread, Sweet Roasted Carrots, Autumn Greens

Shaved Manchego, Dried Cherries, Apple Cider Dressing



Maple Roasted Squash Salad

Spinach Leaves, Crushed Almonds, Pickled Grapes

Shaved Radish, Creamy Tahini Dressing


(Vegetarian/Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Baby Beet, Apple & Goat Cheese Salad

Torn Basil Vinaigrette 

(Vegetarian/Gluten Free)

(Vegan and Dairy Free - ask for no Goat Cheese)

Wilted Kale & Pear Salad 

Crushed Hazelnuts, Marinated Chickpeas, Manchego Cheese

Charred Lemon Vinaigrette


(Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free)

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad, Crouton, Parmesan, Bacon Bits &

Roasted Garlic Dressing

(Vegetarian - ask for Bacon on the Side)

(Gluten Free - Ask for Croutons on the side)

White Bean Salad

Cucumber, Oven Dried Tomato, Balsamic Onion, Goat Cheese

Harissa Vinaigrette


(Vegetarian/Gluten Free)

Mixed Grilled Chicory Salad

Pickled Cranberries, Basil Stained Feta, Shaved Apples

Balsamic Dressing 


(Vegetarian/Gluten Free)

Sesame and Miso Marinated Cauliflower Salad

Wild Rice, Scallions, Togarashi Dusted Cashews

Watercress Leaves  


(Vegetarian/Vegan/Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Charred Sweet Potato Salad

Rocket Greens, Crisp Bacon, Roasted Peppers

Pickled Red Onions, Black Beans, Lovage Vinaigrette  


(Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Cold Lunch Package Entrée

(Minimum 12 People)


Includes a Sandwich, Salad, Soup & Dessert

Comes with a Platter of Assorted

Specialty Sandwiches.

Plus Choose up to 2 Sides

(2 Salads, 2 Soups or 1 Soup and 1 Salad) and 1 Dessert




Hot Lunch Entrées

(Minimum 12 People per Hot Entrée)


White BBQ Sauce Soaked Smoked Chicken Thighs

Seeded Gremolata, Marinated Mixed Squash and Root Vegetables


(Dairy Free/Gluten Free)


Hidden Valley Pork & Raclette Cheese Baked Cannelloni

Wilted Greens, Roasted Vegetable Sauce

Confit Fennel, Fresh Picked Herbs



Green Thai Coconut Curry Glazed Chicken Skewers

Pad Thai Style Noodles, Wok Fried Vegetables

Toasted Crushed Peanuts


(Dairy Free)


Toques BBQ Sauce Basted Beef Chuck Flats
Bacon & Black Bean Braised Collard Collard Greens
Served with Jalapeno Smoked Cheddar Cornbread



Cuban Spiced Birds Eye Cove Beef Tacos
Roasted Corn and Pickled Onion Salsa

Mojo Infused Crème Fraiche
Artisan Greens, Grated Swiss Cheese



Sweet Potato & Chickpea Buddha Bowl

Sweet Potato & Chickpea’s Wok Fried with Seasonal Vegetables

Coconut Red Curry Sauce, Mango Salsa

Toasted Peanuts, Coconut Rice

 $15.50/pp - add Chicken for $3.25

((Vegetarian/Vegan/Dairy Free/Gluten Free) 


Brown Butter Glazed Sockeye Salmon

Warm Roasted Garlic and Fresh Herb Smashed Potato

Apple Cider Sautéed Kale and Broccolini, Pickled Shallot Aioli


(Gluten Free)

Chimichurri Marinated & Grilled Flank Steak

Confit Roasted Potatoes, Grilled Local Vegetables


(Dairy Free/Gluten Free)


Blood Orange Spiced Albacore Tuna

Marinated Parsnips and Fall Squash, Wilted Greens

Tieroler Bacon Lardons, Confit Shallot and Raisin Emulsion


(Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Toque Style Turkey Sheppards Pie

Root Vegetable Mash Potato, BBQ Infused Turkey Gravy

Grilled Focaccia Bread



Gourmet Pizza

(Minimum 12 Assorted Pizzas per Order)

All of Our Pizzas are made on Freshly-Baked Naan Bread

All Orders Include a Napkin & Plate


Creamy Dungeness Crab & Chorizo Sausage

with Smoked Cheddar



Prosciutto, Fire Roasted Tomato, Arugula, Basil &

Parmesan Cheese



Baby Beet, Torn Basil & Honey Lemon Goat Cheese



Coppa, Roasted Red Peppers, Caramelized Onions &

Fresh Mozzarella



Smoked Chicken, Pancetta, House Made BBQ Sauce &

Fresh Mozzarella



Balsamic Roasted Portabella Mushrooms

Caramelized Onion & Manchego Cheese





(Minimum 12 People per Order)


Tomato Basil Soup
(Vegan, Gluten Free)

Coconut Butternut Squash Soup
Kaffir Lime, Coconut Milk
(Vegan, Gluten Free)

Autumn Chaterelle Soup

(Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

Anise Scented Celeriac Soup

(Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free)


Add On’s

Grilled Naan Bread, Aged Cheddar Apple Biscuits or

Grilled Baguette




Hot Beverages


Freshly Brewed Oughtred Coffee

Regular Ground Coffee Beans

Serves 8–10/pp

Includes Cream & Sugar

$16.95/per airpot


Oughtred Steeped Tea

Serves 8–10/pp

Includes Milk & Sugar

$16.95/per airpot


Decadent Hot Chocolate

House Made in Small Batches

Serves 8–10/pp

$17.95/per airpot


Mulled Hot Apple Cider

Sea Cider Ciderhouse Mulled Apple Cider

Serves 8–10/pp

$24.95/per airpot


Cold Beverages

All Cold Beverages come Bottled

Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Ginger-Ale, Fresca, Root-Beer, Sprite



Assorted Juices

Orange, Apple, Ruby Grapefruit, Cranberry



Bottled Water

Glacier Springs Bottled Water

$1.50/500ml bottle


San Pellgrino Sparkling Water (Large)



Sparkmouth Naturally Flavoured Water

Assorted Flavours Include:

Lemon, Lime, Strawberry & Grapefruit


Happy Planet Smoothies

Raspberry/Cherry, Mango/Passion Fruit, Blackberry/Boysenberry, Extreme Green

$4.00/325ml bottle



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