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Individual Boxed Lunch Menu

All entrees are individually boxed and come with utensils and napkin

(Delivery is free in the Greater Victoria, Saanich

Langford and Metchosin Areas)

Place an order by email or by

calling the office at 778.432.2460

**Please advise our staff of all allergies -

Please Note: we cannot accommodate Garlic, Onion or Citrus Allergies**

Cold Lunch Entrées:


Individually Boxed Specialty Sandwich Menu


Butter Chicken Sandwich

Roasted Butter Chicken & Butter Chicken Mayonnaise


Korean Brined Roast Beef
Roast Beef, House Made Kimchi

Chili Mayo

Pickled Golden Beet & Spiced Hummus
Golden Beet, Hummus, Oven Dried Tomato


Rosemary Ham & Smoked Cheddar
Rosemary Ham, Grainy Mustard Aioli, Smoked Cheddar


Assorted Sandwich Platter
A Selection of Assorted Sandwiches

from Our Specialty Sandwich Selection

Served on Artisan Loaf Bread

(please specify if you would prefer something different)



Individually Boxed Salad Menu

Field Green Salad

Sprouted Legumes, Pickled Baby Beets
Marinated Bocconcini, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
Micro Herbs, Champagne Vinaigrette

(Vegetarian/Gluten Free)

Maple Roasted Squash Salad

Spinach Leaves, Crushed Almonds, Pickled Red Onion
Shaved Radish, Creamy Tahini Dressing


(Vegetarian/Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad, Crouton, Parmesan, Bacon Bits &

Roasted Garlic Dressing

Individual Hot Lunch Entrées Menu

Rosemary and Port Braised Beef Short Rib Rigatoni

12 Hour Slow Braised Beef Short Rib, Char Grilled Eggplant and Peppers, Rustic Tomato

Sauce, Shaved Pecorino Cheese


White BBQ Sauce Soaked Smoked Chicken Thighs
Seeded Gremolata, Marinated Mixed Squash and Root Vegetables

(Dairy Free/Gluten Free)
Available Frozen

Toque Style Turkey Shepherd's Pie
Root Vegetable Mash Potato, BBQ Infused Turkey Gravy

Available Frozen

Chimichurri Marinated & Grilled Flank Steak
Confit Roasted Potatoes, Grilled Local Vegetables

(Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Baked Vegetable Lasagna

Mozzarella Cheese, Roasted Vegetable Tomato Sauce

Available Frozen

Smoked Corn and Bean Chili

Served with Sour Cream and Thinly Sliced Scallions

Available Frozen

Individual Soup Menu

Tomato Basil Soup
(Vegan, Gluten Free)
Available Frozen

Coconut Butternut Squash Soup
Kaffir Lime, Coconut Milk
(Vegan, Gluten Free)
Available Frozen

Individually Boxed Snack Menu


Choice of Dips

Baba Ghanoush or Sundried Tomato Hummus or

Creamy Vegetable Dip

Served with Pita, Crackers and Baguette
$10.00/250ml container

Yogurt Parfaits
Layered Yogurt, Granola and Fruit


Toque’s Pork Sausage Rolls
Curry Ketchup
Available Frozen

Charcuterie Presentation

A Selection of Local Deli Meats, Pickled Vegetables

Mustard’s, Baguette & Crackers


Cheese Platter

A Selection of Artisan Cheese's Handcrafted on
Vancouver Island & Imported
Served with Baguette, Crackers & Dips


Individually Boxed Dessert Menu


Assorted In House Dessert Squares
In Housemade Dessert Square


Assorted Cookies

Classic Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal & Joe Crunchie



Cold Beverages

All Cold Beverages come Bottled

Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Ginger-Ale, Fresca, Root-Beer, Sprite



Assorted Juices

Orange, Apple, Ruby Grapefruit, Cranberry



Bottled Water

Glacier Springs Bottled Water

$1.50/500ml bottle


San Pellgrino Sparkling Water (Large)



Sparkmouth Naturally Flavoured Water

Assorted Flavours Include:

Lemon, Lime, Strawberry & Grapefruit


Happy Planet Smoothies

Raspberry/Cherry, Mango/Passion Fruit, Blackberry/Boysenberry, Extreme Green

$4.00/325ml bottle



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