Passed Canapes

(This allows for one of each canape per person)


Grapefruit & Pickled Jalapeno Halibut Ceviche

Avocado & Lime Mousse, Tortilla Chip


Crispy Duck Leg Confit

Duck Fat Popcorn Crusted, Roasted Peach Emulsion


Carrot Latke with Pickled Eggplant

Carrot & Potato Latke, Grilled Pickled Eggplant

Harissa Tahini Drizzle


Plated Dinner


Asparagus & Tomato

Grilled Asparagus & Citrus Infused Goat Cheese Press

Oven Dried Sunwing Farm Tomatoes, Red Onion Gazpacho Gelee

Anise White Balsamic Caramel, Baby Greens & Toasted Almond Crisp


Grainy Mustard & Rhubarb Glazed Halibut

Watercress & Parsley Vichychoise, Charred Hakuri Turnips

Spiced Heirloom Carrots, House Dill Pickled Chips & Creme Fraiche


Plated Dessert


Vanilla Poached Peach

Raspberry Gel, Torched Corn Sorbet

Pistachio Crumb, Basil & Whipped Condensed Milk 

Please note that menu ideas are only suggestions. Please feel free to discuss any of your own ideas with our catering expert.

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